Vaibhav Parashar (Vaibs)

Being suffered from Ulcerative Colitis, I started practicing yoga and meditation on my doctor’s recommendation for self-healing and in aim to recover faster along with my medicines. Within a month of practicing meditation, I noticed a slight improvement in my health and my mind was relaxed. Thats when I told myself, that if I improve more then, I will dedicate my life in helping others through meditation and yoga. Within a month I saw a remarkable change in my health and I went straight to Rishikesh to gain more knowledge about yoga and meditation. I did my teacher training course and returned with a motive of helping people to get physically and mentally fit and also to help them to find their purpose in life.
My classes are a good combination of yoga and meditation, which helps people gain strength, flexibility and calmness. My class is like a laboratory where people come to discover themselves and their uniqueness.