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Yoga and Meditation Retreat September 29, 2018

We aim to spread yoga and meditation awareness and help make yoga a part of everyone's life. Yoga and Meditation Retreats are organized frequently at Ramada Jacksons Point Resort, Jacksons Point, Canada.

Perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your self with nature and yoga.

Stay tuned for 2019 Yoga and Meditation Retreat.

Before stilling your mind, still your body

Most people can not meditate because they cant control their mind. What they don't realize is that Yoga and meditation is not only about mind but its about the entire human system which includes body, mind, breath and energy. In order to achieve best in Meditation we have to align the whole physical system. Before even controlling our mind, we need to control our body and breath. So everyday take a moment to observe your body and breath and see if you cant bring stillness to you breath and body. If you can achieve that you will see, that your meditation will improve automatically.